About BookingTek

BookingTek delivers cloud native, direct booking solutions and digital tools that help many of world’s largest hotel groups increase efficiency, drive direct revenue and optimise guest spend.

BookingTek was founded at the start of 2011 in the garage of Matthew’s south west London home. From the start BookingTek had success winning very large clients.

The first client was the UK’s largest hotel group, Premier Inn and the company’s second was the world’s largest hotel group Marriott International. Since then the company has added three other leading international hotel groups to its client list plus a number of mid-size operators.

The first product brought to market was Meetings Maker, the hotel industry’s first real-time meeting booking and payment system. Integration with Oracle Micros Opera was completed the year after launch and Meetings Maker remains the only real time meeting booking and payment software proven within a publicly traded hotel group.

TableRes was the company’s second product which was built at the request of a number of major clients. The powerful floor management system enables direct reservations but also absorbs third party bookings and channel manages them.

TableRes has evolved into a full suite of digital tools for hotel F&B and as of 2019 comes with automated marketing, reputation management and dashboard-based analytics.

The company’s third product was SinglePay a simple global ecommerce payment platform. The low-cost solution allows in-app and other ecommerce payments to be taken at multiple outlets using just one ecommerce merchant account.

BookingTek’s most recent product is an order and pay mobile app for hotel guests. It enables guest to order F&B anywhere in the hotel, where it is served – restaurants, bars, poolside, lobbies, cafes, spas and even in room dining.

BookingTek was recently named as one of the 100 fastest growing businesses in the UK.



October 2019
Launch TableRes Digital the first integrated suite of Digital tools for hotel F&B

June 2019
Launch SINGLEPAY a simple global E-Commerce platform for large groups

April 2019
Develop TableRes customer order/pay mobile app

September 2018
Launch Meetings Maker with AC Hotels in Spain

March 2018
TableRes selected by major Spanish hotel group

October 2017
Additional fundraising round completed

July 2017
Complete UK rollout of Meetings Maker for Marriott International

June 2017
Start rollout of TableRes in Continental Europe for Marriott International

January 2017
Trial first tablet version of Meetings Maker for Plaza Workspaces with Intercontinental Hotel Group

October 2016
TableRes is launched and immediately adopted by Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel group

October 2016
We raise £2.5 million in growth capital from Mobeus Equity Partners to further broaden our international presence and develop new products

August 2016
The company secures a contract with Marriott International, one of the world’s top 3 largest hotel groups, to roll out Meetings Maker

January 2016
We start development of TableRes after requests from one of the world’s top 3 largest hotel groups

September 2015
Multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality added to Meetings Maker Lite products

June 2015
A range of low cost versions of Meetings Maker are added to the product lineup aimed at individual hotels and smaller hotel groups

January 2015
The company changes its name to BookingTek which more accurately reflects the nature of the business

September 2014
We launch CompareMeetings.com, a multi-brand, third party website that delivers OTA style bookings to hotels that use Meetings Maker at zero commission

March 2014
We complete a unique integration with Oracle MICROS Opera via OWS-SC, an interface MICROS reintroduces when they see how valuable Meetings Maker will be to their hotel clients

May 2013
We raise an additional £1 million of funding, from existing investors, to develop software to automate meeting booking and payment on hotel websites.

March 2013
On-request meeting rooms are added to the site and we identify what looks like a huge gap in the market – no hotel or online travel agent (OTA) has real-time, meeting booking on their website

January 2012
The response from venues is overwhelming and the site rapidly grows to 500 venues in 10 countries

August 2011
The fledgling business launches the world’s first website enabling online booking and payment of day offices

Feb 2011
Matthew Stubbs launches the bootstrapped business from his garage in South West London